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Intraday IDFC FIRST BANK Levels

For the intraday trading, if 15 minutes candle breakout the green trend line and closes above, then there will be a possibility of upmove in the intraday.

In case if 15 minutes candle closes below the rectangle area, then downside movement.

If 15-min candle closes in either of the side, then positions can be taken for a quick 1% profit.

Note: This stock is bullish in long term and for immediate target of 70.

However after today's session it can be confirmed that whether stock will keep its bullish trend or trend will be reversed. Since there is bearish doji candle formed yesterday hence if stock opens and closes below yesterday's low, then there will be correction happening and trend may reverse.

But in case Stock opens and gives closing above yesterday's High then it will continue its bullish momentum.

Let's see what happens today.

See below chart screenshot for your reference.

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